TPHQ is a multi- disciplinary modern production house headquartered in Soho – London – United Kingdom with global offices in Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hong Kong, India and USA. TPHQ is here to make the world an accessible and affordable playground for any filmmaker or production house wanting to bring their audiences foreign goodness at local prices.

When filming around the world, no two locations are ever the same. Different places throws up different challenges. Different permits, equipment, languages, rules, and compliances. TPHQ seamlessly integrates and offers custom made solutions suiting your needs and project requirements through a group of highly experienced and trained team

TPHQ is the one stop shop for every stage of the production needs for film / TV / Commercials/ Web series production in any location across UK, Europe, Asia and North America

    We are a 360º worldwide film production service.

  • • Producing including financing projects in UK (The Production Headquarters Ltd)
  • • Equipment Hire including high end cameras, new and vintage lenses, grip, lighting, drones, rigs, cranes, dolly’s / jimmy jibs (Movie Gears Media Ltd)
  • • Studio Floor Hire with large Green/ Blue Screen Facility (Bollywood Studios Ltd)
  • • Professional Crew hire & Casting (Production Angels)
  • • Hospitality and catering services (Busy Bees media and Amali gourmet services
  • • Transport and Logistics (Bumblebees Media logistics ltd)
  • • Ancillary Services- Production Design/Costumes / Location Services and Permissions (Style Bees Media Ltd)

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